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Brendon Rothwell, Notary Public BA, MA ALS

Believe it or not, Brendon might already know you…because he knows everybody! Okay, maybe not “everybody” but it sure seems like it some days. After more than 40 years living and working throughout the Okanagan Valley, Brendon has come to know and work with literally thousands of people, covering the broadest cross-sections of industry, small business and individual professional available.  Outside of the office Brendon is all about his family. If he isn’t chauffeuring his daughters around, you can find him on the golf course, travelling or with his wife, Sheri of 30 years.  Why Brendon? Brendon has been where you are. He knows that buying your first home can be as scary as it is exciting. He’s sat at the bedside of those making personal arrangements during their final days. He’s been the calm, objective voice in the room, helping families under stress iron out difficult situations for the better.
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Rothwell Notary in Kelowna is built upon the quality of the team.

The support staff at Rothwell Notary have over 100 years of combined legal, business and administrative experience. Each team member has a unique skillset which gives Rothwell Notary a well-rounded foundation to achieve the kind of customer experience you have come to expect.