Also called letters of support, visitor sponsorships and sponsorship letters, letters of invitation are sometimes required for someone, be they a relative, friend or business partner, who is applying for a temporary visitor visa to enter Canada.

At Rothwell Notary, we can prepare and notarize your letters of invitation or notarize letters you already have.

Schedule an appointment to visit our office for the notarization, and be sure to bring valid identification, including a government-issued ID with a photograph and a secondary form of identification. Also be prepared to supply any information you want to include in the letter, and the visitor’s name, contact information, and passport number.


Also called child travel letters, child travel declarations, and consent letters for children traveling abroad, child travel authorization letters are required when a minor is traveling outside of Canada without one or both parents. This documentation may be necessary even if your child is traveling by air within Canada.

In order to secure child travel authorization letters, both parents should bring:

  • Valid identifications
  • Contact telephone numbers
  • Child’s original passport
  • Child’s original birth certificate
  • Passport information of the person with whom the child will be traveling with
  • Dates of travel
  • Flight information

You should also be able to provide information about where the child is staying, including names and contact information of whom the child will be with while outside of the country.


Also called true copies, certified copies and notarized copies, these documents are necessary in many instances, including documentation for education, immigration, applications for employment, and other matters to be sent to parties outside of Canada.

If you plan to go to college or university outside the country, or if you’re applying for residency or citizenship elsewhere.


As a Notary Public, Brendon Rothwell has the authority to administer an oath and record an affidavit, a statement made in writing of facts that you, our client, affirm. Affidavits are used most often as evidence in court proceedings.

Statutory declarations are similar to affidavits in that they are written statements of fact.

There are a wide variety of purposes for affidavits and statutory declarations. While not exhaustive, this list offers a glimpse of legal purposes.

Some documents include notarized statements for:

  • Court and other legal matters
  • Lost or damaged passports
  • Surrender certificates
  • Renewing passports
  • Passports expired more than 6 months
  • Change of appearance
  • Other lost or damaged identification
  • Lost marriage certificates
  • Lost education certificates
  • Various other lost certificates
  • Filing certain types of police reports
  • Sponsorships and various immigration matters
  • Verification of birth particulars
  • Never-issued birth certificates
  • Power-of-attorney acceptance
  • Renunciation of rights to a deceased’s estate
  • No objection for bank or property transfers
  • Holdback release and construction draws
  • Complaints
  • Change of name
  • Vehicle transfer
  • Non-registered vehicle, unregistered truck or unregistered trailer
  • Insurance corporation of British Columbia related insurance claims
  • Other insurance matters, such as proof of loss
  • Surrender certificates

  • Certificate of non-impediment
  • Various marriage purposes
  • Proof of identity, marriage, common-law relationship, divorce, residence and employment
  • Same-name confirmation
  • Child travel
  • Translations
  • Interpreters
  • Various property and banking matters
  • Life certificates
  • Non-marriage certificates
  • Various types of authorizations
  • Renewing a Canadian permanent-resident card
  • Child benefits
  • Fuel-tax refund for persons with disabilities
  • Pharmacist document evaluation
  • Police clearance certificates
  • Admission into various professional bodies
  • Meeting visa requirements and other international requirements
  • Meeting the requirements of a foreign consulate or embassy

Other documents include:

  • Notarized affidavit for PharmaCare
  • Statutory declarations made in accordance with the Income Tax Act
  • Notarized personal net worth statements
  • Notarized affidavit of witness
  • Notarized revocation of power of attorney

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